Make Sure You Get Value

Always take care when you place a bet that you are getting not only the best price (making sure you use an odds comparison site every time you place a bet) but also a price which represents value.

For example, if a horse’s real chance of winning a race is 50/50 then any odds better than evens represent value.  Any odds lower than evens are not good value at all – you should avoid the bet.  Or check back later, to see if the odds have improved (but make sure you still believe the horse has a 50/50 chance).

That’s why you should be wary of following tips which do not state what price to take.  It is amazing how many tipsters flout this rule.  Or a tipster will quote an “advised price” which is unobtainable – should you then take the best price you can get a skip it.  You need to know what is the lowest price you should consider.

Bear this in mind when you add a tipster to your betting portfolio.