SmartSigger is a downloadable monthly betting magazine from the Race Advisor stable.

Unfortunately I have not yet been given the opportunity of reviewing the magazine.  But as soon as I do I will post an update.

From what I have heard the magazine goes into the statistical side of betting.  It is not a light read apparently as it delves quite deeply into the mathematics behind successful betting.  But if you have an interest in that aspect of betting – and you really should if you are serious about making a profit – then this sounds like a very worthwhile read.

At present, you can sign up for a free trial then the magazine costs just £4.75 per month.  And you get immediate access to all previous issues.  Click here to check out the SmartSigger website and to sign up for the free trial.

The Twitter Tipper

The Twitter Tipper at the time of writing is a free tipping service run by Gary Priestley (brother of Gavin Priestley of Nag-Nag-Nag fame).

Gary has quite a following for his free tips which he posts first on his twitter feed then follows up with reasoning on his website which also shows his past results.  The overall profit figure is very good indeed (640 points profit in less than two years at 1 point each way level stakes – albeit at advised odds.  However some individual months have had losses (39 points twice) so you need to take this into account in setting your stake sizes.

I have certainly had some excitement following some of Gary’s selections.  I recall soon after I started following Gary’s tips during the Ascot meeting in June 2013 Gary tipped four horses.  On that occasion I decided to put them in a Lucky 15 to win.  I staked £2 per line so a total stake of £30.  The horses were at good odds so if just one of them won I could have made a small profit but if they all won the forecast winnings was about £100K.  Well, the first two won!  The third one didn’t come anywhere but I calculated that I could still make about £10K if the final selection won.  It came second by just a neck.  I still made a profit of £450 but oh so close ….

Anyway, take a look at what Gary has to offer here.


The Nag-Nag-Nag website’s strapline is “Horse race analysis using statistics and trends”.

This long-established site is run by Gavin Priestley.

As I write this in February 2015, the site has a section on free tips on the all-weather for this month.  Showing just a modest 3% bank growth in the first ten days there are nine free tips for today so things could change (hopefully for the better!).  There are also some free ante-post tips for Cheltenham.

In Gavin’s Blog section there are some very detailed articles, for example this month one on “Saturday Super Strikers” – the stats behind the top trainers runners on Saturdays with strike rates and profit and loss figures for each trainer – also a breakdown for the top trainer by race class, distance, age (of horse) and weight carried.

So, some very good free information here and another site well worth bookmarking.

Race Advisor

The Race Advisor website is run by Michael Wilding.

Michael is one of the really genuine guys in this industry.  He is also very knowledgeable in all aspects of betting including the mathematics behind the winning techniques.

Yes, he does sell a small range of betting related products but he also has a lot of very useful free content on his website and available by subscription.  Here is just some of it:-

  • Free Tips
    • Daily Stat Pack showing the historical trends for that day’s racing
    • Daily Guest Tip
    • Big Race Previews
  • Tipster Proofing – a very powerful tool to identify the most profitable tipsters
  • Betting Strategies
  • Betting Angles (including a great article on Trading just published)

All of the above is free on the Race Advisor website – a definite one to bookmark!

And you can also sign up to receive regular betting advise from Michael.

Pro Betting Club

Today I’d like to introduce you the Pro Betting Club.

As far as I can make out this is not really a club as such (see my review of some “real” Clubs here).  Rather it is a Tipster Platform which markets subscription services for a number of tipsters and provides service proofing.

The Pro Betting Club describes itself as a team of professional gambling experts and horse racing tipsters who have been providing customers with successful betting information for many years. They claim that their subscription plans are extremely competitive compared to many other services.  Just bear in mind that the prices on their website appear not to include VAT which will be whacked on during the payment process.

I have not had the opportunity of reviewing any of their services yet but you can see at a glance the services they offer here.

The most profitable service would appear to be Ultimate Profits which they claim has made over 900 points profit to level stakes and 2328 points to advised stakes in less than one and a half years.  This service specialises in high priced outsiders on Betfair.  It is therefore a volatile service having had five losing months (some quite heavy ones) out of seventeen.  You will need a large betting bank and nerves of steel but if you have that it does appear to be profitable long term.

At the other end of the scale – and more my thing – is Sequence Lays.  A very respectable 157 points is claimed in the last eight months with every month a winning month.  The average lay price is less than 3.0 and the longest losing run is 3.  This helps the service to be a model of consistency as shown by the following profit v time graph.  Just what I like to see!

Graph showing profit curve for Sequence Lays

Sequence Lays Profit Curve

Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging from Mike Cruikshank will make you money if you follow the easy steps – it is as simple as that.  This is an ideal way of building a betting bank.

How much you make depends partly upon how many bookmaker accounts you already have.

The service enables you to make the most of new customer sign-up bonuses AND the regular ongoing promotions that bookmakers offer.

Make thousands RISK FREE

Now anyone can obtain bookmaker bonuses without signing up to Bonus Bagging.  But Mike makes the process extremely simple and tells you how to structure bets to lock in a profit regardless of the result of the race.  Not only that but he goes in to the terms and conditions and distills them down into a single sentence or so as to what you need to do to secure your bonus.

When you sign up you tell Mike which bookies you already have accounts with and the advice he gives is tailored to you.

I have tried this myself.  I had previously signed up with the bookies offering some of the highest bonuses so I was not expecting the reach the dizzy heights that some claimed from Mike’s service but I had very quickly covered my subscription cost many times over.

At the time of writing it’s less than £33 (including 20% VAT) to join – and that’s a one-off fee.  And you have 60 days to decide if it works for you.  If not you can claim a full refund.  Sales and refunds are handled by Clickbank so you can be confident that refund requests will be honoured.  This one really is a no-brainer.

Click Here! to read all about Bonus Bagging and to sign up.  I’m afraid that the sales patter does go on a bit – I think the copywriters have been having a field day on it; but once you sign up the instructions from Mike are really easy to follow and concise!

The Bet Engine

The Bet Engine is the betting bot which I use for my own personal betting.

I have tried a number of different betting bots but for me The Bet Engine offers the best balance of ease of use, power and flexibility.  (If I am honest it was the only one I could really get to grips with!)

It allows betting on horse racing and greyhound markets – if your prime interest is football then it is not for you.  But for the two sports it covers it has a very comprehensive feature list – far too much to cover in this review.  One thing I will mention is the extensive suite of configurable staking plans available.

Depending upon subscription level you can run up to 10 independent systems on individual betting tabs.

There are three subscriptions options at the time of writing:-

  • 2 Betting Systems for £12.50 per month
  • 6 Betting Systems for £25 per month
  • 10 Betting Systems for £35 per month

You can also  take a free one week trial.  Allow time to go  through the very detailed user manual which goes through every setting on the bot step-by-step.  It is one of the clearest manuals I have seen.

Users have access to a forum which answers a lot of questions.  You can subscribe to be kept informed of updates, Betfair issues etc.

Despite the great user manual and forum I have needed to use technical support on more than one occasion – this has been very good.

I urge you to give The Bet Engine a try.  Click on the image below to go to the website.  Just remember to keep the bot in Test mode until you have fully got the hang of it before betting with real money!

P.S.  If you need ideas for some systems to try on The Bet Engine then take a look at The Total Betting Club as they have configuration files for many of their systems which you can load into The Bet Engine – it saves having to go through a lot of options

Secret Betting Club

Today, the club under scrutiny is the Secret Betting Club.

The Secret Betting Club’s strap line is “How To Make Money Betting Online”. So what do you actually get if you join the club?

The Club publishes “secret” reports on the betting world in particular details of “tipsters and systems that can make you money betting”. Updated six times per year it contains the profit and loss details of over 50 different short-listed tipsters with performance statistics over both the medium and long term. These tipsters are largely independent and not the ones you will find on the major platforms such as Betfan. Many of the tipsters offer discounts for Club members.The tipster reports show a lot of useful information:-

  • Which tipster has made the largest profit all-time
  • Which tipster has had the best past 12 months
  • Which tipster generates the highest Return on Investment
  • Which tipster makes the largest return on your betting bank (Return on Capital)
  • Which tipsters offer the lowest workloads to follow
  • Which are easy to get on at the advised odds

The reports also show profit figures after fees have been taken into account. (What is the point of following a tipster which makes you £1,000 a year on your horse racing betting if he charges you £1,000 a year for the privilege?) These reports must be the most comprehensive and clear that I have seen.

In addition to the profit reports there is a magazine (for download) every second month with reviews on new tipster services, betting systems, software and strategies. Also advice on how to get bets on at the best prices and how to reduce chances of being banned by the bookies when you become too unprofitable for them!

There are a whole raft of articles in the magazines or published as separate downloadable guides which will help you in your betting. Members get access to the full back catalogue.

In addition, members get access to the Secret Betting Club Forum which includes members tips as well as some free tips from commercial tipsters. Now, not all of these are necessarily profitable but for the most part there are clear profit and loss figures shown to help you decide which may be worth following.

There are three levels of membership with the most popular (according to the Club) being the Gold level. I have to say this option makes the most sense to me. The price of annual membership (at the time of writing) is just under £96 including 20% VAT .

The Silver Option comes in £12 less at just under £84 per annum but you lose a lot of benefits so I am not going to go into it.

At the other end of the scale the Platinum option will set you back £48 more than the Gold at just under £144. This option brings you access to the United States Sports Tipster reports. If you are not into US sports then save your money. But if you are already interested in US Sports or keen to find out more then there are some very, very detailed tipster reports. Some of the tipsters are offering quite substantial discounts to Platinum members – you could save more than twice the £48 extra cost for Platinum if you signed up to just one of these!

The Club offers a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. (I have not attempted to claim under the guarantee but I would be surprised if it was not honoured.)

If you bet (or are considering betting) on the horses or football then there is no question that you should give the Club a try. If you bet on the golf, darts – or even US sports! – then there’s still plenty in the Club for you.

The Secret Betting Club was actually the first betting club I joined – I found it invaluable especially in the early part of my betting career.

Click on the following link to go the Secret Betting Club website for full details of what they have to offer and to sign up for a membership or claim free samples of a magazine, tipster report and a football system.

Betting Insiders Club

Today I would like to introduce you to another betting club which you can join by paid subscription – the Betting School Betting Insiders ClubTM.

So what do you get if you join the Betting Insiders ClubTM?

One of the key benefits is the monthly newsletter (or Members Report to give it it’s correct name). This is 50+ pages of useful information on (mostly) horse racing and football betting. These alone contain a lot of advice which will help your betting. And, by the way, this is currently a real printed document – not a download.

But the benefit that may contribute most to your bottom line is the daily Club Portfolio selection of horses to back. In addition to this there are ongoing trials in the members area of other horse racing micro-systems. The ones which prove to be profitable in the live trials then become part of the Club Portfolio which seems to have worked very well.

There is also a lively members forum in which members can (and do) share their own knowledge and tips.

There is some really good content in the magazines and members forum from regular contributors such as Mark Foley, Nick Hardman, Mark Jenkins, David Massey, Carl Nicholson and Leon Pidgeon

At the time of writing there are three different membership period options. You can join for just under £30 monthly, £70 quarterly, or £240 annually. All options are for continuous membership. (Beware, particularly if you take out an annual subscription as it will auto-renew without warning unless you cancel before the annual renewal date.) My advice would be to try a monthly subscription to see if it’s for you.

But with the following included in a single subscription:-

  • Club Portfolio daily tips (most days)
  • Line trials of contenders for the Club Portfolio
  • Advice, trends and strategies in the monthly hardcopy Members Report
  • Tips and advice in the interactive members forum

…. this is a very comprehensive package.

Click on the following link to go the Betting Insiders ClubTM website for full details of what they have to offer and to join.

Or to register for your free weekend tips from the Betting School click here.

The Total Betting Club

I have joined three paid subscription betting clubs in my betting career, this being one of them.

It differs from other clubs in that it is primarily system based.  It is run with passion by professional bettor Louis Delay.

Upon joining up you get immediate access to the forum which has details of all the current (and past) systems with clearly defined rules for each system, suggested staking plans and details of the results and profit figures.

Each day the forum is updated by Louis with details of that day’s selections for many of the current systems.  Most systems can be run on a betting bot so it is possible to follow a number of systems with relatively little effort.  There is even comprehensive help available in setting up a bot.

Once a month Louis sends out a newsletter packed with the latest results for the live systems plus early advise on the latest systems (or twists on an existing system) that Louis is trialling.

You can find out more about The Total Betting Club and claim a free sample newsletter by clicking on the banner below.

The The Total Betting Club costs just £19.95 per month to join.  Once you have paid for your first month you can download as much as you want including current and previous newsletters, system rules, etc.  You could learn a heck of a lot in just a month or two then cancel your ongoing subscription…

But I think you will want to continue your subscription in order to get the monthly newsletters, the daily selections and access to the latest ideas on the lively forum.

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