The Total Betting Club

I have joined three paid subscription betting clubs in my betting career, this being one of them.

It differs from other clubs in that it is primarily system based.  It is run with passion by professional bettor Louis Delay.

Upon joining up you get immediate access to the forum which has details of all the current (and past) systems with clearly defined rules for each system, suggested staking plans and details of the results and profit figures.

Each day the forum is updated by Louis with details of that day’s selections for many of the current systems.  Most systems can be run on a betting bot so it is possible to follow a number of systems with relatively little effort.  There is even comprehensive help available in setting up a bot.

Once a month Louis sends out a newsletter packed with the latest results for the live systems plus early advise on the latest systems (or twists on an existing system) that Louis is trialling.

You can find out more about The Total Betting Club and claim a free sample newsletter by clicking on the banner below.

The The Total Betting Club costs just £19.95 per month to join.  Once you have paid for your first month you can download as much as you want including current and previous newsletters, system rules, etc.  You could learn a heck of a lot in just a month or two then cancel your ongoing subscription…

But I think you will want to continue your subscription in order to get the monthly newsletters, the daily selections and access to the latest ideas on the lively forum.