Betfair Trading Community

The Betfair Trading Community is not described as a club as such – rather a community for Betfair Traders.

This community does not use a conventional online forum or bulletin board approach – but rather Facebook – as a means of exchanging advice on suggested trades to make on various sports.

Now, I have only just come across this one so I haven’t trialled it.  Apart from anything else I do not do much trading at present nor am I yet on Facebook!  I will get there one day.

But if you are into sports trading or keen to learn then I suggest giving the Betfair Trading Community a try.  It is only £3.60 for your first month then £8.40 per month (including 20% VAT).  Click here to find out more and to sign up for your low cost trial.



SmartSigger is a downloadable monthly betting magazine from the Race Advisor stable.

Unfortunately I have not yet been given the opportunity of reviewing the magazine.  But as soon as I do I will post an update.

From what I have heard the magazine goes into the statistical side of betting.  It is not a light read apparently as it delves quite deeply into the mathematics behind successful betting.  But if you have an interest in that aspect of betting – and you really should if you are serious about making a profit – then this sounds like a very worthwhile read.

At present, you can sign up for a free trial then the magazine costs just £4.75 per month.  And you get immediate access to all previous issues.  Click here to check out the SmartSigger website and to sign up for the free trial.


The Nag-Nag-Nag website’s strapline is “Horse race analysis using statistics and trends”.

This long-established site is run by Gavin Priestley.

As I write this in February 2015, the site has a section on free tips on the all-weather for this month.  Showing just a modest 3% bank growth in the first ten days there are nine free tips for today so things could change (hopefully for the better!).  There are also some free ante-post tips for Cheltenham.

In Gavin’s Blog section there are some very detailed articles, for example this month one on “Saturday Super Strikers” – the stats behind the top trainers runners on Saturdays with strike rates and profit and loss figures for each trainer – also a breakdown for the top trainer by race class, distance, age (of horse) and weight carried.

So, some very good free information here and another site well worth bookmarking.

Race Advisor

The Race Advisor website is run by Michael Wilding.

Michael is one of the really genuine guys in this industry.  He is also very knowledgeable in all aspects of betting including the mathematics behind the winning techniques.

Yes, he does sell a small range of betting related products but he also has a lot of very useful free content on his website and available by subscription.  Here is just some of it:-

  • Free Tips
    • Daily Stat Pack showing the historical trends for that day’s racing
    • Daily Guest Tip
    • Big Race Previews
  • Tipster Proofing – a very powerful tool to identify the most profitable tipsters
  • Betting Strategies
  • Betting Angles (including a great article on Trading just published)

All of the above is free on the Race Advisor website – a definite one to bookmark!

And you can also sign up to receive regular betting advise from Michael.