Bf Bot Manager

Bf Bot Manager is an advanced bot for trading on the exchanges.  There are separate versions available for Betfair and Betdaq.

The main package includes three fully automated betting bots; plus a ladder control for manual betting and trading.

The most powerful of the three included bots is the Back/Lay Multiple Favourites Bot.  This has a number of powerful features and can operate in not just horse racing and greyhounds but also a number of soccer markets, as well as other markets you can add (e.g. darts, tennis, snooker …)

The second bot in the package is a Horse Races Trader Bot which can place in-running tradses on horse races in the UK win market.

The third bot is a Dutching Bot which offers automatic or manual dutching of markets by pre-defined rules.  There are a number of different ways in which this bot can be used.  The supported markets are varied as per the Multiple Favouirites bot above.

Once you have Bf Bot Manager there are various add-ons that you can buy such as the Multiple Strategies bot which allows you to run multiple strategies at the same time.

Another add-on bot is the Soccer Bot – Draw Betting which can be used to lay the draw just before kick-off then hopefully place a back bet for a profit during play.

The final add-on bot is the Bet Advisor Bot which allows you to place bets on selected Bet Advisor tips.

Another chargeable add-on is the Bf Notes facility which enables you to add notes for any selection that is available for betting at Betfair.  Then the next time your selection is running/playing the market will be highlighted to prompt you to open your selections form.

The main Bf Bot Manager Package is sold as a lifetime licence for a single Betfair account (or Betdaq if you prefer – but if you want both you need to buy two separate licences).  This is sold at £107.94 (including 20% UK VAT).  So if you are confident that this will do all you want then it could work out lower cost in the long run than one of its competitors sold by monthly subscription.

But, if you want to run multiple strategies, then you will need the Multiple Strategies Bot add-on which is sold on a monthly subscription basis at £17.94 per month.

The Soccer Bot – Draw Betting is a £47.94 lifetime licence whilst the Bf Notes add-on is a modest £11.94.

You can get a free 5-day trial to Bf Bot Manager; or you can extend that to seven days by “liking” their Facebook page (through a link on the free trial sign-up page) before you sign up.  There is a lot to find your way around so that extra two days could come in handy.  Also, I would recommend reading the downloadable manuals before starting your trial – just to give yourself a bit of a head start.  A week is not very long to try out a sophisticated package such as this.  But if you already have some good strategies lined up and just need a bot to try them on the maybe you’ll be lucky enough to make the £100 or so profit to fund a license purchase at the end of your trial!

Click here for full details of BF Bot Manager, to download manuals, and to buy or try.