Tipster Supermarket

Tipster Supermarket is run by Kris Jackman.  It offers a platform for budding tipsters to offer up their daily selections for proofing.

Users of the website can access the free tips of any of the current trials.  As of today I could only find one trial actively running.

However, there are two tipsters (out of more than thirty contenders) that passed the mandatory 90 day trial and these are now offering their services on a commercial basis.

These are:-

Elite Ratings System by Stuart Oakley.  Stuart sends members an email the evening before racing so they have the choice of placing bets that evening or during the morning of the racing – whichever works best for them.  Now, Stuart’s service did have three losing months out of eleven last year, but not too heavy; and on the whole the profit curve is definitely going up and is not too volatile.  Click here to read all about Elite Ratings System and to sign up for a quarterly subscription for £92.40 (including 20% VAT).

Pro Racing Tips by Chris Williams.  This is again a horse racing tipping service.  It focuses on horses at the top of the market (i.e. shorter prices).  This makes Chris’ service less volatile than some and it showed a steadily increasing profit curve during the proofed trial period apart from a ten day losing period for which the losses were made up in less than a week.  Click here to read all about Pro Racing Tips and to sign up for a two week trial for just £1.20.  You can then choose rom a monthly subscription for £35.94 or a quarterly subscription for £71.94 which is three months for the price of two give or take six pence!  (All prices include 20% VAT)