The Bet Engine

The Bet Engine is the betting bot which I use for my own personal betting.

I have tried a number of different betting bots but for me The Bet Engine offers the best balance of ease of use, power and flexibility.  (If I am honest it was the only one I could really get to grips with!)

It allows betting on horse racing and greyhound markets – if your prime interest is football then it is not for you.  But for the two sports it covers it has a very comprehensive feature list – far too much to cover in this review.  One thing I will mention is the extensive suite of configurable staking plans available.

Depending upon subscription level you can run up to 10 independent systems on individual betting tabs.

There are three subscriptions options at the time of writing:-

  • 2 Betting Systems for £12.50 per month
  • 6 Betting Systems for £25 per month
  • 10 Betting Systems for £35 per month

You can also  take a free one week trial.  Allow time to go  through the very detailed user manual which goes through every setting on the bot step-by-step.  It is one of the clearest manuals I have seen.

Users have access to a forum which answers a lot of questions.  You can subscribe to be kept informed of updates, Betfair issues etc.

Despite the great user manual and forum I have needed to use technical support on more than one occasion – this has been very good.

I urge you to give The Bet Engine a try.  Click on the image below to go to the website.  Just remember to keep the bot in Test mode until you have fully got the hang of it before betting with real money!

P.S.  If you need ideas for some systems to try on The Bet Engine then take a look at The Total Betting Club as they have configuration files for many of their systems which you can load into The Bet Engine – it saves having to go through a lot of options