JPW Racing Tipster

JPW Racing is one of the most flexible horse racing tipster services I have come across.  It is run by James Walsh.

So many tipsters offer only the options of monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions.  You can easily be forking out £70 or more a month for daily tips.  If you struggle to find time to put the bets on during the working week then what a waste of money.

At the time of writing JPW Racing offers plenty of options.

Firstly, if you want a full blown service with daily tips you can subscribe monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

If you, only want tips at weekends you can take out an annual weekends-only subscription.

If you just need tips for the major events or festivals then JPW Racing even has an annual subscription for a Festivals Special (which includes 13 festivals throughout the year).

For the occasional punter, you can purchase tips for a single festival (Royal Ascot is the next one at the time of writing), a single week, a single weekend, or even a single “Tip of the Day”.

For those who prefer laying horses, there are subscriptions options for everything from a single “Lay of the Day” to a year of lays.

For Scoop 6 fans, JPW Racing have a syndicate option which you can join on an ad-hoc basis, or sign up to a “Scoop 6 Saver” service which targets the Scoop 6 when the pool reaches a certain size.

There is a free 5-day trial to JPW Racing’s regular (not festival) tips.  As far as I am aware, there is no need to choose a subscription period and enter payment details to sign up for the free trial – unlike a lot of services out there!

I have personally used JPW Racing for their festival tips which I have found to be very profitable.  Of course, a profit cannot be guaranteed on every festival as these are too short a duration to eliminate the effects of a run of bad luck but over the year I have made a decent sum.

I have only used JPW Racing’s regular tips for a 5-day trial.  I did not make a profit but then  five days is far too short a period to judge.

I can say that I have found the service to be very well run by James.  I strongly recommend you take a look at the JPW Racing website to see which subscription option would suit you best.