Pro Betting Club

Today I’d like to introduce you the Pro Betting Club.

As far as I can make out this is not really a club as such (see my review of some “real” Clubs here).  Rather it is a Tipster Platform which markets subscription services for a number of tipsters and provides service proofing.

The Pro Betting Club describes itself as a team of professional gambling experts and horse racing tipsters who have been providing customers with successful betting information for many years. They claim that their subscription plans are extremely competitive compared to many other services.  Just bear in mind that the prices on their website appear not to include VAT which will be whacked on during the payment process.

I have not had the opportunity of reviewing any of their services yet but you can see at a glance the services they offer here.

The most profitable service would appear to be Ultimate Profits which they claim has made over 900 points profit to level stakes and 2328 points to advised stakes in less than one and a half years.  This service specialises in high priced outsiders on Betfair.  It is therefore a volatile service having had five losing months (some quite heavy ones) out of seventeen.  You will need a large betting bank and nerves of steel but if you have that it does appear to be profitable long term.

At the other end of the scale – and more my thing – is Sequence Lays.  A very respectable 157 points is claimed in the last eight months with every month a winning month.  The average lay price is less than 3.0 and the longest losing run is 3.  This helps the service to be a model of consistency as shown by the following profit v time graph.  Just what I like to see!

Graph showing profit curve for Sequence Lays

Sequence Lays Profit Curve