Grey Horse Bot

One of the most promoted betting bots is the Grey Horse Bot. But there are some poor customer service issues to concern you.

I personally tried this bot a year ago.  It sounded very promising indeed from the promotional material. It can be used on many different sports unlike many bots that are restricted to just horse racing and/or greyhounds.  And it comes with a version for Betdaq as well as for Betfair for those of you who may find Betdaq taking less of your profits off you.

Also it comes with many extras or bonuses in the form of systems that can be used to make selections. Also there are tips which can be automatically uploaded to your betting bot.

Unfortunately I personally found things to be very muddled. I couldn’t find some of the bonuses I was supposed to have and I wasn’t sure what some of the others were. It really does take a lot of time to find your way around.

The Grey Horse Bot is sold on a subscription basis at £27 per month at the time of writing. A 30 day trial is available at £17 per month. When you sign up for the trial you have to sign up to ongoing monthly payments by credit card

At the end of the trial period I decided I would not proceed with full membership for the time being but to go back to it later in the year when I would have more time available to really get to grips with what was on offer.

The biggest sting however was when I came to attempt to cancel my ongoing subscription. There was supposed to be a facility to cancel subscriptions in the members area of the website – there wasn’t. I tried emailing (using an email address provided) but when I checked the next day the email had not been delivered as the mailbox was full! By the time I succeeded in establishing communication using the support facility on the website it was too late to cancel! And they refused to refund! So I certainly did not and will not be going back to it.

For that reason I would caution you against trying the Grey Horse Bot. But if you do decide to give it a try then sign up for the trial subscription then immediately cancel the ongoing subscription. If there is no provision on the website to cancel it then send them an email and make sure you get an acknowledgement. If that fails use the support facility on the website. In any event I would recommend also telling your credit card provider that you are cancelling the ongoing payment authority. If you decide at the end of the trial that you really do wish to continue then they will just have to set it up again for you.