Advanced Cymatic Trader

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a full-featured software trading tool which until earlier this month was free to use.  On 10th November the developer announced that it would no longer be free from the following day!

It really does have a long list of very useful features including a demo mode so that you can try out your strategies without risking real cash.

I tried this software briefly and found it relatively easy to use – after watching the online tutorials – for something so powerful.

Unfortunately, after updating to a later version of the software, the program would not run at all, crashed before even logging in, and could not be closed even with Windows Task Manager.

The fact that I had difficulties does not necessarily mean that you will so if you want a powerful trading tool for Betfair click here for full details and to download the software.


BetTrader Evolution is an advanced software tool for trading on Betfair allowing you to place bets quickly using minimum mouse movement and less clicks in order to make a profitable trade before the price disappears!

Betfair Trading Software

Whilst it is currently only for Betfair it does have versions for Macs as well as Windows PCs.

The features are too numerous to list here but you can download the software for a free 7 day full-featured trial (with no payment details required).

After the trial you then have a number of choices:-

You can continue using the software but in a “Limited” mode.  This mode has slow price refreshing compared with the full version, no “Sports” mode (which would enable you to view a number of different markets at the same time) and no “Training” mode (i.e. demo mode using virtual money and not real cash.  The lack of this feature alone is reason enough not to want the “Limited” mode in my opinion (as you cannot test new strategies without risking hard cash).

Pay £9.99 per month for the full version

Pay £99 per year for the full version

Or – and this option could be especially useful for sometime who likes to have a heavy trading session but only occasionally – buy blocks of 24 hour access at £5.99 for 3 days, £14.99 for 15 days and £24.99 for 30 days.  This option could be ideal for someone who likes to trade only one or two days a week.

Click here for full details on BetTrader Evolution and to sign up for your free full-featured trial.