E Racing Network

I returned from a recent holiday to find a series of emails hyping up the launch of the Elite Racing Network.  This seemed to change its name part way through the launch to the E Racing Network or ERN for short.  The emails contained links to some cringe-worthy videos about this new wonder service.  After seeing the first few minutes of the videos and learning very little I lost patience so decided to wait for the launch date.

As is common with such launches there was the usual encouragement to sign up to an “Early Bird” list to “queue jump” and get a “ridiculously low” price – so I did.

On launch day at 9.00 am I received an email inviting me to grab one of the 100 “early bird” spaces.  So I thought I would click on the link in the email to see if I could find out what was on offer.  Each attempt was met with a “Page not found” error!

At 10.30am I received another email urging me to hurry as there were only 67 spaces left.  But still the website is down.  Then an hour later another email – only 37 spaces left – now only 32 spaces left …

So how come everyone else seems to have been able to access the website but me?

At 12 noon another email to say the service is now open to all – not just the early bird registrants.

At 7.00 pm ERN finally acknowledge they have a problem.

Late the following afternoon an email to say that they have 76 early bird spaces left.  Does that mean that they were telling porkies the previous day when hardly anyone could get through to the website and yet they had only 67, then 37, then 32 spaces left?

I’m still not clear what the service is exactly but it appears to be a selection of horse racing systems (some proven and some on test) plus the option of a betting bot to place the bets if you want.  The person behind it seems to be the same person behind Grey Horse Bot and this service appears to be an enhancement of the Grey Horse Bot package.

Pricing for the early bird members was not my idea of “ridiculously low”.  To get the best monthly rate you needed to sign up for a year at £297 up front.  Or you could go for 6 months at £197 or 3 months (minimum) at £127 which works out at over £42 per month.

But, despite the failings of the launch, the lack of any sort of trial (other than £127 for 3 months) and the possible customer service issues (see our review of Grey Horse Bot here) there looked the possibility that there could be something good here.

Now, PunterPort does not carry out many product reviews (especially for me-too tipsters) but when something different comes along we are happy to put in the time, especially when punters are being asked for £127 to try the service.

So we invited ERN to submit a copy for review.  They declined!

So with no review to go on, no free trial and no mention of a money back guarantee it looks like one to steer well clear of.

P.S.  Shortly after refusing our review, ERN offered a 31 day trial for £47 but say this is for a very limited period.

If anyone has tried ERN we would be very interested to hear your comments using our contact form.

Please note that ERN are still using the term Elite Racing Network in some of the promotional materials but we understand that there is no connection to the Elite Racing System(s), Elite Racing Club or any other similarly named entities.

Value Plus Soccer

Value Plus Soccer is a football betting system from Winning More.  Like most of Winning More’s systems it comes as an “e-book” that you can only read on a PC.  The system rules are very concise and the book includes many fully illustrated examples to show you exactly what to do.

They claim that in just over 12 months the system has made over 500 points profit to level stakes, but using the recommended staking plan and a £200 starting bank, the bank would have theoretically grown to over one billion pounds!

As they rightly state, the stakes would be too high to achieve this in practice – have you ever tried placing a £5 million bet?  But they reckon that £10K to £100K per year is achievable.  That’ll do me – I’m not greedy!

I received a review copy from Winning More and I was keen to try this one as I like something which can steadily grow a bank without too much downwards volatility.  So I followed the system for 40 days from 6th March 2015.

Obviously I cannot reveal details of the system here but I can tell you that the system involves placing three bets per day – two singles and one double.  I can also tell you how I fared compared with the claims on Winning More’s website.

“5 minutes a day is all it takes” – It took me considerably longer.  First you need to check the results of the previous day and, preferably, record them in a spreadsheet in order that you can calculate the correct stake for that day (5% of the running bank).  Then you need to find the selections on a third-party website.  Some of what may first appear to be the correct selections may be ruled out for various reasons so this can take a while on some days.  Then you have to find the best odds for the two single bets and one double.  On some days this could be two (or rarely three) different bookies.  Finding some of the more obscure football matches takes time – firstly on the odds comparison site then at the various bookies.  If you intend to do this first thing in the morning before going to work you need to allow a fair bit longer.  Or you may be able to do this late the previous evening depending on the finish times of the previous days matches.

“Everyone should get the same selections with no ambiguity in the results” – I think not!  There are a few problems.  Firstly, it depends what time of day you look for the selections.  Bearing in mind that the potential selections can be anywhere in the world some of these matches take place at one o’clock in the morning so you may have already missed them.  Secondly, the system rules state that certain matches should be discarded but the website does not always make it clear which these are.  And finally the system rules require that matches where the odds are below a certain value are discarded but the website does not always show the odds!

“We’re looking at a profit of anywhere between 3 to 30 points per day” – During the period of the trial the highest daily profit I achieved was under 7 points.  There were ten days out of the forty when all three bets won.  The average for a day when all three bets won was around 5 points.

“Even if two bets lose and just one single wins, we can still turn out a small profit” – There were twenty days out of forty when I had two losing bets and just one winning bet.  On only one of these days did I make a small profit.  All other days suffered a loss.  Why?  Because the winning bet was typically odds on, so could not cover the lost stake of even one of the other bets let alone two.

“In the first 42 betting days, we have had only 4 days, where all 3 bets lost” – I wasn’t quite so lucky as I had six total loss days out of 40.

In conclusion, after 40 days I have made a loss of about £40 or 20% of the £200 start bank.  Having said that, just two days earlier I was showing a profit of about £25 and at one stage my bank had grown by over 50% (at Day 22).  The difficulty I have in hoping for a high profit in the long term is that the selection method looks for matches predicted to result in a winning bet BUT does not take the odds into account.  So a selection could have a predicted win probability of 50% but the odds available are (sometimes considerably) less than evens.  If there is no value in the odds then what is the likely long-term outcome?

If you want to give Value Plus Soccer a try it is priced at £69.97 at the time of writing but the website states that the price will be going up to £79.97.