E Racing Network

I returned from a recent holiday to find a series of emails hyping up the launch of the Elite Racing Network.  This seemed to change its name part way through the launch to the E Racing Network or ERN for short.  The emails contained links to some cringe-worthy videos about this new wonder service.  After seeing the first few minutes of the videos and learning very little I lost patience so decided to wait for the launch date.

As is common with such launches there was the usual encouragement to sign up to an “Early Bird” list to “queue jump” and get a “ridiculously low” price – so I did.

On launch day at 9.00 am I received an email inviting me to grab one of the 100 “early bird” spaces.  So I thought I would click on the link in the email to see if I could find out what was on offer.  Each attempt was met with a “Page not found” error!

At 10.30am I received another email urging me to hurry as there were only 67 spaces left.  But still the website is down.  Then an hour later another email – only 37 spaces left – now only 32 spaces left …

So how come everyone else seems to have been able to access the website but me?

At 12 noon another email to say the service is now open to all – not just the early bird registrants.

At 7.00 pm ERN finally acknowledge they have a problem.

Late the following afternoon an email to say that they have 76 early bird spaces left.  Does that mean that they were telling porkies the previous day when hardly anyone could get through to the website and yet they had only 67, then 37, then 32 spaces left?

I’m still not clear what the service is exactly but it appears to be a selection of horse racing systems (some proven and some on test) plus the option of a betting bot to place the bets if you want.  The person behind it seems to be the same person behind Grey Horse Bot and this service appears to be an enhancement of the Grey Horse Bot package.

Pricing for the early bird members was not my idea of “ridiculously low”.  To get the best monthly rate you needed to sign up for a year at £297 up front.  Or you could go for 6 months at £197 or 3 months (minimum) at £127 which works out at over £42 per month.

But, despite the failings of the launch, the lack of any sort of trial (other than £127 for 3 months) and the possible customer service issues (see our review of Grey Horse Bot here) there looked the possibility that there could be something good here.

Now, PunterPort does not carry out many product reviews (especially for me-too tipsters) but when something different comes along we are happy to put in the time, especially when punters are being asked for £127 to try the service.

So we invited ERN to submit a copy for review.  They declined!

So with no review to go on, no free trial and no mention of a money back guarantee it looks like one to steer well clear of.

P.S.  Shortly after refusing our review, ERN offered a 31 day trial for £47 but say this is for a very limited period.

If anyone has tried ERN we would be very interested to hear your comments using our contact form.

Please note that ERN are still using the term Elite Racing Network in some of the promotional materials but we understand that there is no connection to the Elite Racing System(s), Elite Racing Club or any other similarly named entities.

Stop At A Winner Bot – Update

I promised to update this review if I found a strategy that worked.

Well, it’s a bit early to be certain but the strategy I am now following known as Strategy 1b on the Stop At A Winner Bot website is showing some progress.

I started following this strategy at in the last week of April.  A steady profit was made for several days but then on the first day of May a stop loss was hit and the resulting heavy loss more than wiped out that profit.  More alarmingly, the “official” results on the website did not show a loss for that day.  That is not to say that the results are being manipulated but merely that there will be some minor differences in timing of bet placement that can make all of the difference.  In a few vital seconds between the time of my bet placement compared with the “official” bet (and perhaps your bet) a number of things could happen:-

  • The previous bet result may be settled.  (This is needed before the next bet can be placed because of the recovery staking plan.)
  • The odds may cross the threshold (e.g. if the odds of the favourite fall below 3.00 then the race is a “no bet”).
  • The favourite may change from Horse A to Horse B.

Another stop loss was hit on the 27th May (which did appear in the “official” results as well).  Despite this a profit has been made so far.

The bank is up by £89 to date using a £1 per cycle profit target.  This represents a ROI of 10%.  Whilst some way off the ROI claimed by Winning More, I hope that as time goes on my figure will become closer to Winning More’s.  In fact, I would be more than happy if an ROI of 10% could be maintained for a system so simple to implement as Stop At A Winner Bot.


Race Advisor Video Reviews

Michael Wilding’s Race Advisor website has just started video walk-throughs of betting services.

For the first one Michael has chosen Winning More’s Stop At A Winner Bot.  The video is 22 minutes long and shows how to buy, download, install and use the bot.

A video review such as this is very useful in helping you to decide whether it is worth purchasing the bot.

I have already reviewed Stop At A Winner Bot – not a video review but you can see it here.

Or click here to see Race Advisor’s video walkthrough.

Stop At A Winner Bot

Stop At A Winner Bot is another specialised betting bot from Winning More.

The bot is for betting on Horse Racing on any of the Betfair markets.

There are various options to choose in terms of backing or laying (or both), odds range in which bets will be placed, and which countries (e.g. UK, Australia, etc.)

Basically, the strategy involves betting on the favourite (back or lay), then increasing the stake if the bet loses.  Eventually, a winning bet will be made (hopefully) which will recover the losses on the preceding bets and make a small profit.  At the end of this cycle the bot will stop (hence the name).  You then have a choice of stopping for the day or starting a new cycle straight away.

Of course, it could take some time to reach that winning bet in the cycle and stakes are increasing all the time.  So you can programme a stop loss into the bot so that it stops the cycle.  If this happens the loss will wipe out the profits from many winning cycles.

I have to make it clear that I have not tried this bot but I have tried some of the strategies (on another bot).  At the time of writing the strategies can be viewed on the website.  So far I have found the backing and laying strategies that I have followed to make losses (i.e. a small number of losing runs wiping out the profits).  But the strategies have evolved over the past month or two.  If I find one of the newer strategies does actually make a profit I will update this review.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Stop At A Winner Bot, watch videos and see past results from the various strategies on the website.  If you want to give it a try the price is £99.97 for a 12 month licence but bear in mind there are no refunds offered if it does not work for you.

Lay The Draw Bot

Lay The Draw Bot is one of a number of specialised bots from Winning More.

As the name suggests this bot is designed specifically for placing lay bets on football matches ending in a draw.  The bot will then trade out of the bet during play – hopefully for a profit.

You have to tell the bot which matches you want to trade.  Let us suppose that a match you select has lay odds of 3.00.  The bot places a bet at these odds.  The match starts, and after 25 minutes the team which is favourite to win scores a goal.  The odds on a draw are likely to increase.  The bot can place a back bet and, by choosing the correct stake, it can guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

The above strategy will not work if no goals are scored but you can configure the bot to place a small “insurance bet” on the Correct Score 0-0 market.

The strategy may also fall down if the non-favourite team scores first.  In this case it may not be possible to secure a guaranteed profit but you can at least configure the bot to trade out once a certain loss level (percentage of stake) is reached or if a certain time is reached.

The bot does come with a strategy guide which offers five different methods for making selections.  Two of the methods require subscription to additional Winning More services but the other three are free to use.

I tried these free methods but I could not make a profit from the Lay The Draw Bot.

If you have a good strategy of your own but just need a bot to do the work for you then this could be worth a try, but if you are relying on using the supplied strategies to make a profit then you may come unstuck.  No refunds are offered if it does not work for you.

The “normal” price for the bot is £69.97 for a 12 month licence (but at the time of writing a £10 early-bird discount is offered).

You can read all about the Lay The Draw Bot, watch some short videos and even download the user guide from the website.


Bf Bot Manager

Bf Bot Manager is an advanced bot for trading on the exchanges.  There are separate versions available for Betfair and Betdaq.

The main package includes three fully automated betting bots; plus a ladder control for manual betting and trading.

The most powerful of the three included bots is the Back/Lay Multiple Favourites Bot.  This has a number of powerful features and can operate in not just horse racing and greyhounds but also a number of soccer markets, as well as other markets you can add (e.g. darts, tennis, snooker …)

The second bot in the package is a Horse Races Trader Bot which can place in-running tradses on horse races in the UK win market.

The third bot is a Dutching Bot which offers automatic or manual dutching of markets by pre-defined rules.  There are a number of different ways in which this bot can be used.  The supported markets are varied as per the Multiple Favouirites bot above.

Once you have Bf Bot Manager there are various add-ons that you can buy such as the Multiple Strategies bot which allows you to run multiple strategies at the same time.

Another add-on bot is the Soccer Bot – Draw Betting which can be used to lay the draw just before kick-off then hopefully place a back bet for a profit during play.

The final add-on bot is the Bet Advisor Bot which allows you to place bets on selected Bet Advisor tips.

Another chargeable add-on is the Bf Notes facility which enables you to add notes for any selection that is available for betting at Betfair.  Then the next time your selection is running/playing the market will be highlighted to prompt you to open your selections form.

The main Bf Bot Manager Package is sold as a lifetime licence for a single Betfair account (or Betdaq if you prefer – but if you want both you need to buy two separate licences).  This is sold at £107.94 (including 20% UK VAT).  So if you are confident that this will do all you want then it could work out lower cost in the long run than one of its competitors sold by monthly subscription.

But, if you want to run multiple strategies, then you will need the Multiple Strategies Bot add-on which is sold on a monthly subscription basis at £17.94 per month.

The Soccer Bot – Draw Betting is a £47.94 lifetime licence whilst the Bf Notes add-on is a modest £11.94.

You can get a free 5-day trial to Bf Bot Manager; or you can extend that to seven days by “liking” their Facebook page (through a link on the free trial sign-up page) before you sign up.  There is a lot to find your way around so that extra two days could come in handy.  Also, I would recommend reading the downloadable manuals before starting your trial – just to give yourself a bit of a head start.  A week is not very long to try out a sophisticated package such as this.  But if you already have some good strategies lined up and just need a bot to try them on the maybe you’ll be lucky enough to make the £100 or so profit to fund a license purchase at the end of your trial!

Click here for full details of BF Bot Manager, to download manuals, and to buy or try.


Grey Horse Bot

One of the most promoted betting bots is the Grey Horse Bot. But there are some poor customer service issues to concern you.

I personally tried this bot a year ago.  It sounded very promising indeed from the promotional material. It can be used on many different sports unlike many bots that are restricted to just horse racing and/or greyhounds.  And it comes with a version for Betdaq as well as for Betfair for those of you who may find Betdaq taking less of your profits off you.

Also it comes with many extras or bonuses in the form of systems that can be used to make selections. Also there are tips which can be automatically uploaded to your betting bot.

Unfortunately I personally found things to be very muddled. I couldn’t find some of the bonuses I was supposed to have and I wasn’t sure what some of the others were. It really does take a lot of time to find your way around.

The Grey Horse Bot is sold on a subscription basis at £27 per month at the time of writing. A 30 day trial is available at £17 per month. When you sign up for the trial you have to sign up to ongoing monthly payments by credit card

At the end of the trial period I decided I would not proceed with full membership for the time being but to go back to it later in the year when I would have more time available to really get to grips with what was on offer.

The biggest sting however was when I came to attempt to cancel my ongoing subscription. There was supposed to be a facility to cancel subscriptions in the members area of the website – there wasn’t. I tried emailing (using an email address provided) but when I checked the next day the email had not been delivered as the mailbox was full! By the time I succeeded in establishing communication using the support facility on the website it was too late to cancel! And they refused to refund! So I certainly did not and will not be going back to it.

For that reason I would caution you against trying the Grey Horse Bot. But if you do decide to give it a try then sign up for the trial subscription then immediately cancel the ongoing subscription. If there is no provision on the website to cancel it then send them an email and make sure you get an acknowledgement. If that fails use the support facility on the website. In any event I would recommend also telling your credit card provider that you are cancelling the ongoing payment authority. If you decide at the end of the trial that you really do wish to continue then they will just have to set it up again for you.

The Bet Engine

The Bet Engine is the betting bot which I use for my own personal betting.

I have tried a number of different betting bots but for me The Bet Engine offers the best balance of ease of use, power and flexibility.  (If I am honest it was the only one I could really get to grips with!)

It allows betting on horse racing and greyhound markets – if your prime interest is football then it is not for you.  But for the two sports it covers it has a very comprehensive feature list – far too much to cover in this review.  One thing I will mention is the extensive suite of configurable staking plans available.

Depending upon subscription level you can run up to 10 independent systems on individual betting tabs.

There are three subscriptions options at the time of writing:-

  • 2 Betting Systems for £12.50 per month
  • 6 Betting Systems for £25 per month
  • 10 Betting Systems for £35 per month

You can also  take a free one week trial.  Allow time to go  through the very detailed user manual which goes through every setting on the bot step-by-step.  It is one of the clearest manuals I have seen.

Users have access to a forum which answers a lot of questions.  You can subscribe to be kept informed of updates, Betfair issues etc.

Despite the great user manual and forum I have needed to use technical support on more than one occasion – this has been very good.

I urge you to give The Bet Engine a try.  Click on the image below to go to the website.  Just remember to keep the bot in Test mode until you have fully got the hang of it before betting with real money!

P.S.  If you need ideas for some systems to try on The Bet Engine then take a look at The Total Betting Club as they have configuration files for many of their systems which you can load into The Bet Engine – it saves having to go through a lot of options