Portfolio Corner at Race Advisor

The highly respected Race Advisor website has a new feature – Portfolio Corner.

Every serious punter should use a portfolio comprising a number of different systems and/or tipsters which complement each other.  If one system/tipster is going through a bad patch (which WILL happen) then hopefully the other systems will make up for the loss in the poorly performing one(s).

Portfolio Corner is written by a pro-punter who claims to have 250 systems (mostly micro-systems I suspect).  In his first post today he gives details of one of his systems, based on a single trainer which has given an Return on Investment of over 95% to Industry Starting Price and level stakes in the four years 2011 to 2014.  There were only 123 qualifying bets in the four years so the total profit works out at an average of under £300 per year to £10 stakes.  (This would be increased if using Betfair – and possibly more so if using a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker.)  Of course, there is no guarantee that the profits will continue in 2015 but it looks promising.

The writer promises to share another of his systems in a few weeks time.  If he carries on at that rate we could have his whole portfolio within about fifteen years!  But even a few good systems over the year would be a welcome addition to any existing portfolio we may have.  So do check out Portfolio Corner on the Race Advisor website.