About Us

My name is Brian.  I retired in early 2013 from a General Management role in the electronics industry.  I am now best described as a wannabe pro-gambler.

I got into betting a couple of years before I retired.  I started off by having a good look around the internet, after a while joining one of the betting clubs (by subscription).  This club introduced me to a tipster offering a discount deal.  Following the tipster I made a reasonable profit – enough at least to get me banned by my first bookie!

This tipster then went through a bad patch so I was continually looking for sources of other tips and betting advice – preferably those which were not so expensive as to eat into all of the profits they may generate!

It was a long learning curve.  Even after three years of research I am still finding good betting resources that I never knew existed before.  Hence the reason for putting together this site to show you the resources out there to help you in your quest to make some extra income (or even – one day – a full time income) from betting.

Have a good look around the site and please use this as your first port of call to access all of the resources I have found for you.  Many of these resources are totally free to use.  Some services have one or more subscription options.

PunterPort is free to use.  Of course, I would like some recompense for the time and effort I continue to put in to finding these resources for you.  So to cover my costs I intend to do this in two ways.  Firstly, if you subscribe to a service or buy a book through PunterPort (by clicking on a link within this site) then I may (in some but not all cases) receive an introductory commission from the vendor of the product or service.  But, even if a vendor refuses to give me commissions on such introductions that will not stop me “recommending” their product/service if I think it merits it.  So to make up for these potential shortfalls I may also show relevant adverts on Punterport from which I may receive a small fee if you respond.

Please note that I do not intend to carry out detailed reviews on the majority of individual tipsters and betting systems.  There are already other sites out there which do this.  My aim is to show you the places to go to get this information.

I will be carrying out reviews on some of the higher level betting clubs and advice sites – you will find these in the site menu (as and when they become available) and also in my blog pages.