Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging from Mike Cruikshank will make you money if you follow the easy steps – it is as simple as that.  This is an ideal way of building a betting bank.

How much you make depends partly upon how many bookmaker accounts you already have.

The service enables you to make the most of new customer sign-up bonuses AND the regular ongoing promotions that bookmakers offer.

Make thousands RISK FREE

Now anyone can obtain bookmaker bonuses without signing up to Bonus Bagging.  But Mike makes the process extremely simple and tells you how to structure bets to lock in a profit regardless of the result of the race.  Not only that but he goes in to the terms and conditions and distills them down into a single sentence or so as to what you need to do to secure your bonus.

When you sign up you tell Mike which bookies you already have accounts with and the advice he gives is tailored to you.

I have tried this myself.  I had previously signed up with the bookies offering some of the highest bonuses so I was not expecting the reach the dizzy heights that some claimed from Mike’s service but I had very quickly covered my subscription cost many times over.

At the time of writing it’s less than £33 (including 20% VAT) to join – and that’s a one-off fee.  And you have 60 days to decide if it works for you.  If not you can claim a full refund.  Sales and refunds are handled by Clickbank so you can be confident that refund requests will be honoured.  This one really is a no-brainer.

Click Here! to read all about Bonus Bagging and to sign up.  I’m afraid that the sales patter does go on a bit – I think the copywriters have been having a field day on it; but once you sign up the instructions from Mike are really easy to follow and concise!